Getting To Know: Harley Haber

Sydney racer Harley Haber is eagerly anticipating his first race weekend in the 2017 CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship, beginning with the dual-round at Sandown on April 7–9.

Haber arrives to Australian Formula 4 having spent the last two years racing Aussie Racing Cars, with a podium finish on the challenging streets of Adelaide last year being a career highlight.

Having already sampled F4 machinery throughout late last year, Haber is excited to have locked in a deal with AGI Sport with support from major sponsor CEJN.

“Pretty stoked to be honest, it’s been in the pipeline for a little while now. A couple of sponsors jumped on board and we’re able to sign a contract and get the deal done,” Haber said.

“The team’s really good. All the boys are really great. I tested the car down at Wodonga a few months back… it’s been really enjoyable to be honest.”

“I wouldn’t be in a position to make the jump to Formula 4 without the on-going support of my major sponsor CEJN which make hydraulic quick connect solutions so huge thanks to them.”

Harley Haber undergoing a seat fitting. Source: AGI Sport

Haber was acquainted with his 2017 car and team during a test day last November, and revelled in learning the new characteristics of his car.

“The slicks, the amount of grip that you get. This is a true race car,” Haber said.

“The amount of aero and stuff and working with the team, the amount of changes that we can do to the car to get it to handle the way that I want it to is a really good feeling.”


Alongside his experiences in Aussie Racing Cars, the 17-year-old also spent two years in junior national light karting with an impressive 21 pole positions and 16 wins from 50 starts.

Haber is motivated to produce solid results throughout the season in recognition of the work his AGI Sport crew will perform.

“I’d like to get a top five. I’m going to give it a good crack, especially with the boys here. The amount of work they do on the cars, they’re really good. It’s up to me I guess!”


Long-term, Haber has his sights set firmly on a competitive career racing Supercars in Australia.

“I want to get to Supercars. Definitely within the next few years that’s where I want to head,” Haber said.

“That’s pretty much why I jumped into F4. They’re going to provide me the best opportunity to get there, especially learning and skills-wise and being within a team definitely sets that foundation.”

“I think F4’s definitely the right step to go if you want to get into Supercars.”

The first two rounds of the 2017 CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship will take place at Sandown Raceway for the season opening of the Shannons Nationals on April 7–9.