Rising Stars Complete First Weekend

Faced with a variety of weather conditions, the CAMS Foundation Rising Stars have completed their first weekend of racing in the 2017 CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship.

Cameron Shields – Team BRM – Round One: 7th – Round Two: 2nd
“Starting off it was a bit slow, we had a few issues throughout practice. That followed on into qualifying as well. For the first round, the first two races didn’t get to finish those – had a few incidents on the track. In the last race I managed to get back up for a good result. So that did put me a fair way back in the championship, I think I was seventh after Round One.

“Round Two went a lot better, still could have been better I think. Didn’t do qualifying, so started off the back row of the grid every time. I managed to move my way up forward up to the podium for each race – that was a really good result considering where we started from. Hopefully now, before the rounds ahead this year, we can keep on moving.

“That last race was probably one of the most fun I’ve ever had. Even though I didn’t finish right up the top, it was still awesome fun passing heaps of people and in the wet out there, it was heaps of fun.”


Ryan Suhle – Zagame Autosport – Round One: 4th – Round Two: 9th
“The fitness feels good, we obviously went into the weekend knowing it would be tough. We kept up on nutrition and stuff like that.”

“I definitely don’t feel like an F4 rookie any more!”


Zane Morse – Team BRM – Round One: 13th – Round Two: 7th
“I put myself in the dirt a couple of times. I was in third in the last heat, but unfortunately I spun it off. At least I’ve got a few races in the dry and the wet, so now I’m confident for the next round. Hopefully I’ll do well!

“I started off seventh, when I go to third I was really excited and I was hoping to get to second. I pushed too hard in one of the corners and it cost me. Hopefully next round will be fun though.

“I would just have to do as many laps in my head and see how it goes really. I’ve never been [to Barbagallo] so it will be interesting how I go.”


Simon Fallon – Team BRM – Round One: 8th – Round Two: 13th
“This round really hasn’t gone our way. I don’t think we finished many races this weekend and we’re massively down on points. The goal in Perth will basically be chasing back, try to get a few podium wins and go from there.

“Even this weekend we started off the day P1 in both practices. We started off with our usual pace… it turned upside down. After qualifying there was a few little mistakes with car setup. From there on, it got worse and worse. But oh well, we’ll go up to Perth, reset, start brand new again and like the start of Sandown start off P1.

“It’s unfortunate, but hey we got a few positive moments out of there where we were quick. We have shown a bit of light to what we can do, and a bit of our potential. Like I said, we’ll go to Perth and give it all we’ve got and hope we can come out on top.”

Read the Round One report for the Rising Stars at this link here.

The CAMS Foundation Rising Stars will next face competition at Barbagallo Raceway in Western Australia on May 5–7.

Round Two Results
1. Nick Rowe – AGI Sport: 65
2. Liam Lawson – Team BRM: 61
3. Cameron Shields – Team BRM: 43
4. Harley Haber – AGI Sport: 28
5. Aaron Love – Team BRM: 24
6. Zak Best – AGI Sport: 22
7. Ryan Suhle – Zagame Autosport: 20
8. Zane Morse – Team BRM: 16
9. Jordan Mazzaroli – JRD: 10
10. Josh Denton – Team BRM: 8
11. Tyler Everingham – Zagame Autosport: 4
12. Sage Murdoch – AGI Sport: 2
13. Simon Fallon – Team BRM: 1

Overall Points After Round Two
1. Liam Lawson – Team BRM: 122
2. Nick Rowe – AGI Sport: 112
3. Ryan Suhle – Zagame Autosport: 65
4. Cameron Shields – Team BRM: 61
5. Josh Denton – Team BRM: 57
6. Aaron Love – Team BRM: 38
7. Harley Haber – AGI Sport: 34
8. Jordan Mazzaroli – JRD: 32
9. Zak Best – AGI Sport: 26
10. Tyler Everingham – Zagame Autosport: 23
11. Zane Morse – Team BRM: 17
12. Simon Fallon – Team BRM: 17
13. Sage Murdoch – AGI Sport: 2