Liam Lawson Wins Race Two Thriller At Barbagallo

New Zealander Liam Lawson has edged ahead of his nearest CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship rival Nick Rowe in an action packed Race Two at Barbagallo Raceway.

With JRD’s Jordan Mazzaroli starting from pole position, excessive wheelspin at the start handed the lead to front-row starter Josh Denton. The Team BRM driver led for much of the race, but Lawson managed to sneak through on Denton through the inside of Turn One on the penultimate lap of the race.

“Starting from P4 I didn’t really think it was going to happen My main focus was to move forward as far as I can and grab as many points as possible. The best way to do that is by taking the win,” Lawson said.

“That was such a cool race, Josh [Denton] led most of it and I was slowly gaining – it must have been one or two tenths a lap. I got to him and he made a little mistake at the final corner and managed to let me through. Absolutely stoked!”


AGI Sport’s Nick Rowe, who will start this afternoon’s final race from pole, had to settle for second place behind Lawson despite having an excellent launch at the race start.

“We started P3, we got a mega launch, just didn’t have anywhere to go – Liam [Lawson] was around the outside, [Jordan] Mazzaroli spun the wheels up so we just didn’t have anywhere to go,” Rowe said.

“But we had good car pace, just too much aero wash to be able to get a pass early. Just had to wait for someone to make a mistake, Denton made a mistake and then we all bottled up and ended up P2.

“We start pole again for the last race, and just get a good start and hopefully don’t jump it like we did yesterday off pole! I think if we win the race we might get the round win.”


After being passed by Lawson, Denton later dropped as far back as fourth but reclaimed third position of Tyler Everingham with a spirited overtaking move on the final corner of the final lap.

“It was a very interesting race. I just didn’t quite have the car underneath me to win that one,” Denton said.

“It was a lot of fun, and those passes – I actually thought I wasn’t going to make that last corner pass. I managed to pull it off just squeezing underneath [Everingham] and come home with third.

“It got the heart racing a little bit when I’d come out! I didn’t quite have the rears to keep going, but luckily I just squeezed him out to make the pass stick.”


Zagame Autosport’s Tyler Everingham carried on his podium position pace of yesterday’s opening race to keep within a second of the front runners for the majority of the race. Despite his brave move around the outside of Denton into Turn One, the Dubbo teenager lost out to Denton on the final corner.

“It was pretty good! Showing some good pace, just struggling with a little bit of car setup, struggling with understeer,” Everingham said.

“Very fun racing in that one, it was really tight and close! Hopefully I can see how I go in race three.”

Yesterday’s race winner Cameron Shields finished in fifth ahead of fellow CAMS Foundation Rising Stars Ryan Suhle and Zane Morse. Pole sitter Mazzaroli had to settle for eighth ahead of local racer Aaron Love and AGI Sport’s Zak Best.

The third and final race for Round Three of the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship will commence at 4:05pm AWST.

Race Two Results
1st: Liam Lawson – Team BRM: 15:53.8862
2nd: Nick Rowe – AGI Sport: +1.3944
3rd: Josh Denton – Team BRM: +2.4797
4th: Tyler Everingham – Zagame Autosport: +2.8554
5th: Cameron Shields – Team BRM: +3.6802
6th: Ryan Suhle – Zagame Autosport: +7.4838
7th: Zane Morse – Team BRM: +9.4144
8th: Jordan Mazzaroli – JRD: +9.8703
9th: Aaron Love – Team BRM: +10.3997
10th: Zak Best – AGI Sport: +12.3395
11th: Simon Fallon – Team BRM: +12.9499
12th: Harley Haber – AGI Sport: +17.6709
13th: Sage Murdoch – AGI Sport: +20.3930