Tyler Everingham Catches His Breath

The Gold Coast finale of the 2017 CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship produced one of the most stunning images in three years of racing, with Tyler Everingham’s unintentional aerobatic display capturing worldwide attention.

For the quietly spoken Dubbo teenager, he admits he was taken aback by the amount of messages he received, but was always confident the Mygale Formula 4 tub would adequately protect him.

“It’s pretty amazing how many people actually reach out to you and are there for support. You don’t realise it until stuff like that happens,” Everingham said.

“It’s really been amazing, just the coverage that F4 hits in and how many people watch it and support it is really amazing.

“No doubt they’re definitely safe cars. I have 100 per cent confidence going 200km/h on a street circuit.”

Despite security guards questioning his age at the gate of some venues, Everingham matured greatly in his second Formula 4 season this year. A race win at Phillip Island being a career best result.

“It’s been a really big learning curve. Just mainly maturing of the years and really getting better in the media side of things,” Everingham said.

“It’s been up and down, I never really got the results I’d hoped but they will eventually come. I’m looking forward to it.”

Alongside his Formula 4 programme, Everingham also dabbled in other machinery such as the MARC sports car and a Renault Megane production race car.

“It’s amazing driving different cars, especially getting used to the variances and being prepared for anything,” Everingham said.

“The MARC car is very similar to something like a [Porsche] GT3 Cup or a Kumho V8 [Touring Car].

“Production cars have been fun, a bit different with a front-wheel drive Renault Megane. I wouldn’t really drive anything else like it again. But it was very fun and interesting.”

Outside of racing, Everingham’s interest outside of a race weekend are hardly a surprise.

“I really enjoy working on cars and ‘modding’ them up. Take them on the odd occasion to a track day to get an eye in, have a bit of fun and no competition as well,” Everingham said.

“I’m just constantly driving.”