Formula 4 Lifespan Extended To 2023

The FIA World Motor Sport Council has confirmed it will extend the lifespan of current Formula 4 cars, providing increased certainty for teams and competitors in Australia.

At the Council’s final meeting of 2017 in Paris this week, the Single Seater Commission agreed to delay the introduction of a second-generation Formula 4 car until the end of 2023.

Originally slated for 2020, the lifespan of the current specification Australian Formula 4 Mygale chassis can now be extended up to, and including, 2023 as result of the decision.

With the arrival of the Halo into Formula 1 and Formula 2 in 2018, the Commission also confirmed Formula 4’s next-generation car will feature the device. It is anticipated this car will be commissioned for use from the 2024 CAMS Australian Formula 4 Championship.

A Halo update kit, which includes a new survival cell, will be made available from 2019 upon request from that region’s Championship. This update kit will be optional for the Australian Championship.

Current cars will not require the addition of a Halo, as it must be structurally part of the survival cell and cannot be bolted on after construction.

However if a new chassis is purchased from the manufacturer (Mygale) from 2019 onward, it will feature the Halo update kit. The cost of the new car will remain the same.

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) purchased a fleet of 20 cars in 2015, with the cars then leased to teams. As of 2017, entrants have the option to purchase cars outright from CAMS.

Three cars have recently sold to entrants, with new team Patrizicorse the first to commit to an outright purchase.

With the lifespan of the current specification car extended up to and including 2023, CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca noted it was an important decision to ensure Formula 4’s long-term future in Australia.

“The ability to campaign a car for a further six years, as opposed to perhaps two, was an important point for many of our entrants,” Arocca said.

“We value the current level of safety aboard our Australian Formula 4 cars and they’ve proven in multiple instances that they more than adequately protect our drivers, as well as being a modern, competitive race vehicle.

“The introduction of a Halo has been a very recent development, long after our purchase in 2015, and something we will discuss in the coming years.

“We now have a timeframe to work alongside our Formula 4 stakeholders to prepare for this next-generation car for 2024.”

CAMS partner Morris Finance can provide interested parties looking to purchase an Australian Formula 4 car an extremely competitive finance package.

Six-year finance packages are one of the options available to purchasers.

Enquiries for purchasing an Australian Formula 4 can be directed to David Corrigan, CAMS Driver Development Operations Manager: [email protected] or (03) 9593 7783.