Learning Season For Jordan Mazzaroli

JRD’s Jordan Mazzaroli was one of several karting graduates to stamp his arrival in the 2017 CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship.

Finishing 11th out of 14 championship drivers, the New South Welshman remarked on his month-by-month improvement in his driving.

“It’s definitely an honour to be part of this programme in F4. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster – ups and downs – but I’ve enjoyed it,” Mazzaroli said.

“I’ve definitely improved throughout these last few months, I’ve definitely learnt a lot. Especially on the media side and for driving as well.”

After completing a full season of Australian Formula 4, Mazzaroli passed on advice for other debutant drivers to focus on their pre-event preparation.

The JRD driver in recent months placed particular emphasis on his physical fitness. Former Australian Formula 4 driver Harry Hayek even leant a helping hand as driver coach for Mazzaroli for the Gold Coast round.

“There’s things I look back on that I could have improved like fitness a lot more, track preparation like more simulator work and visualisation,” Mazzaroli said.

“I actually I did a bit of that for the Gold Coast and that helped me a fair bit, because there’s no testing beforehand because it’s a street circuit. If I did that before, I probably could have gone a bit better.”

JRD’s Team Principal Brett MacLennan complimented the growing maturity of Mazzaroli within the season.

“The personal development that Jordan achieved over the course of the year we’re pretty proud of,” MacLennan said.

“Lovely kid, most definitely a very shy young man when he first joined but I think the crew took care of some of that.

“The way he’s worked with the engineers… he’s just grown. He’s got some way to go, and we acknowledge that, but he’s really grown it’s been great.”

Outside of motor racing, the high school student enjoys to briefly get away from the rigours of driving and chasing his driving dreams.

“I do like my music and television to chill out really. I do like playing video games – typical teenager stuff,” Mazzaroli added.

“(The) ultimate goal is Formula 1 of course, but Supercars and even GT racing is also a good option.”