Sage Advice From Murdoch

After stints in karting and state Formula Vee, Newcastle driver Sage Murdoch had a whirlwind experience in his debut national season with AGI Sport in the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship in 2017.

“It’s been absolutely crazy,” Murdoch said of his first year.

“There’s been some mega ups, there’s been some mega downs. You get that from racing, but it’s been a really good year. Nothing could have taken the experience away from this.

“Front row at Queensland Raceway, that was amazing. That was the best race so far. I just came on, I just really took to it.

“I can easily be up the front. I was hoping that race meeting that I would get up there. I just wanted to be up the front… and it felt really good.”

Adapting to stickier slick Hankook tyres, Murdoch was grateful to have Rowe serve as mentor even if the AGI Sport driver was preoccupied with his own championship aspirations.

“It’s completely different. The speed, aerodynamics, it’s all different. Even the competition is different. It’s been a really big step for me and I’ve learnt a lot. Nick has taught me a lot on how to drive the car, what to do… I can’t thank him enough for that,” Murdoch said.

Outside of racing, the Novocastrian is also a keen musician. Murdoch placed importance on having interests to recover and recharge before and after racing rounds.

“We had a band going. Of course with racing commitments we had to let that go, but we did a lot of surfing which helped a lot with the fitness. We’ve now got into mountain biking,” Murdoch said.

“It’s very important to switch off. You’ve got a lot of space between races in this category, so it’s really good to recover before you get back in the car and have a go.”

Murdoch recently confirmed that he will make the step up to the Australian Prototype Series in 2018, as he sets his sights on a professional career in sports car racing.