Shields Does The Practice Double

Times again tumbled in Friday’s second practice session for the 2018 CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship’s season opener, eclipsing 2016’s race and pole position records.

Cameron Shields of Team BRM again led the field to set the quickest time in practice two, with the top seven cars only split by just 0.89 seconds.

“(It’s been) very good so far. The car’s handling is absolutely perfect at this stage, P1 at this stage across both practice sessions,” Shields said.

“We do have a lot of pace and we’re looking forward to qualifying tomorrow morning.”

CAMS Foundation Rising Star Lochie Hughes narrowly missed on eclipsing Shields in the final stages to be just 0.15 seconds off Shields and a narrow 0.02 seconds ahead of AGI Sport’s Jayden Ojeda.

“I’m really happy with P2. A lot better than session one, where I probably wasn’t pushing as hard as I needed to,” Hughes said.

“So with that one, we just looked at the data, and we went P2. I just did everything I needed to do so it was a really good session.”

Ojeda’s teammate Ryan Suhle was ahead of BRM’s Aaron Love to be fourth and fifth respectively.

“Good to be back in the car. Good to be in a very competitive environment. Obviously testing is good but you can’t really match yourself against everyone and I think it’s good to finally get here and be able to see where we are,” Suhle said.

“[Symmons Plains] has only really got three complex corners but those corners, the way they are, is just hard compared to a lot of tracks…whereas all three corners here are very different in their approach and how you’ve got to handle them.

“And I think it makes it quite tricky, but it also makes the lap times very condensed up the front and I think we saw that in FP2 there, the top five was very close.”

After encountering fuel surge issues in opening practice, Jackson Walls quickly built up experience and track time to set an impressive sixth quickest time ahead of the Team BRM trio of Zayd Tones, Thomas Smith and Josh Smith.

“I’m feeling pretty confident about the races and qualifying, just through previous experience of the car and multiple test days in the car,” Walls said.

“I’m feeling pretty confident about qualifying. Just a few more things to learn about the track.”

Debutant squad Astuti Motorsport rounded out the top ten, with recent karting graduate Antonio Astuti completing 17 laps in the second practice session.

Crews will now prepare for Saturday morning qualifying, before the first race of the season in the afternoon. A further two races will take place on Sunday, with all sessions live on Fox Sports 506.

Practice Two Times

  1. Cameron Shields – Team BRM: 0:55.7781 (20 laps)
  2. Lochie Hughes – Team BRM: +0.1563 (21)
  3. Jayden Ojeda – AGI Sport: +0.1788 (19)
  4. Ryan Suhle – AGI Sport: +0.3239 (20)
  5. Aaron Love – Team BRM: +0.3980 (20)
  6. Jackson Walls – Patrizicorse: +0.8015 (20)
  7. Zayd Tones – Team BRM: +0.8942 (18)
  8. Thomas Smith – Team BRM: +1.1170 (18)
  9. Josh Smith – Team BRM: +1.3601 (18)
  10. Antonio Astuti – Astuti Motorsport: +2.0955 (17)

Practice One Times

  1. Cameron Shields – Team BRM: 0:56.2449 (21 laps)
  2. Jayden Ojeda – AGI Sport: +0.0873 (16)
  3. Ryan Suhle – AGI Sport: +0.3659 (18)
  4. Aaron Love – Team BRM: +0.4910 (19)
  5. Thomas Smith – Team BRM: +0.5376 (20)
  6. Zayd Tones – Team BRM: +0.5905 (20)
  7. Lochie Hughes – Team BRM: +0.7536 (20)
  8. Josh Smith – Team BRM: +1.4323 (17)
  9. Antonio Astuti – Astuti Motorsport: +2.6060 (16)
  10. Jackson Walls – Patrizicorse: +13.5125 (5)

Past Results at Symmons Plains (2016)
Pole: Will Brown – Team BRM – 0:56.3471
Race Winners: Jordan Love (2), Brenton Grove (1)
Round Winner: Will Brown
Race Lap Record: Will Brown – 0:56.3851

Remaining Schedule (Times in AEST)
Qualifying: 10:30am (20 minutes) – Saturday 7 April
Race One: 2:25pm (18 laps) – Saturday 7 April
Race Two: 10:30am (18 laps) – Sunday 8 April
Race Three: 3:55pm (18 laps) – Sunday 8 April