Profiling Patrizicorse

While they might be the newest team on the CAMS PAYCE Australian Formula 4 Championship block, Patrizicorse and their debutant driver Jackson Walls have had an impressive start to their respective Formula 4 campaigns.

The Queensland based team, synonymous in the Australian Kart Championship, expanded into circuit racing once more in 2018. With previous experience in Porsche Carrera Cup for both the team and its founder Michael Patrizi, Formula 4 was a logical step for the team.

“We apply the same principles we have in karting to this and it looks like it’s going really well,” Patrizi said.

“We gel together as a team, the driver’s doing a great job, so I’m looking forward to capitalising on our experience that we’re gaining at the moment.”

In Walls’ first year out of karting, the New South Welshman is thriving in the environment of circuit racing and is in awe of the tracks he shares with his Supercars idols.

“I’ve learnt heaps since the first round at Symmons Plains with car control and brakes,” Walls said.

“Also having awareness of the track and other competitors so it’s really good and I’m loving it so far.

“It’s weird to be on their turf. I remember watching [Supercars] back a few years ago to think ‘it’ll be brilliant to be there, it’ll be so much fun’. Yeah, I’m loving it so far.”

In their expansion, the team has also recruited new staff locally and even attracted overseas talent.

“So now with my team I know what my drivers need to achieve their success,” Patrizi said.

“I’ve got a very good engineer, I’ve got a very good new data engineer who’s working really hard to come up to speed, I’ve got fantastic mechanics – one is full time from LMP2 in Europe with the World Endurance Championship, and I’ve got my uncles that are very knowledgeable in what they do.

“Attention to detail, you can see in our garage, is second to none.”

Having experienced the challenge of trying to make a name for himself overseas, Patrizi is well aware of what the rest of the world looks for in elite racing drivers.

“The development of the driver is so important, and I got that from when I was racing in Europe and racing in America. We all had driver coaches and a lot of guys here don’t have driver coaches,” Patrizi said.

“I’ll never watch a race of Jackson’s in pit lane. For me there’s no point to watch it on a TV screen. I need to be on the circuit to see where we can advance… I’m able to get on the radio and talk to him about where we can improve or where we’re doing really well. So I think that’s a big key to what we’re trying to do here.”

With more laps carved by Patrizicorse and Walls, Patrizi is adamant even better results are not far away. Walls is currently third in the Burson Auto Parts Rookie of the Year standings and is seventh overall with 56 points after three rounds.

“We’ve got one car at the moment, and hopefully soon we move into a two-car program. I think what we’re doing with Jackson, how quickly he’s advancing, a lot of people are taking notice,” Patrizi said.

“It’s all about a two-year program with Jackson and I really think he’s made massive ground. And if we keep improving the way we’re doing, look out.”

The CAMS PAYCE Australian Formula 4 Championship returns to the track for rounds four and five, with six races to be held, across the Shannons Nationals weekend at Winton on 1–2 September.

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