Suhle on song at Winton

AGI Sport have continued their streak of round wins, though this time it was Ryan Suhle who claimed outright honours at Winton for the fourth round of the 2018 CAMS PAYCE Australian Formula 4 Championship.

Suhle last season tied for the Phillip Island round win, but the result at Winton is his first conclusive outright victory.

“Last year we had a bit of consistent success but I never really got that number one trophy. It’s good to finally cap off the collection because that’s what we were really missing from F4,” Suhle said.

“To get the 1-2 in the final race after Jayden had quite a shocking weekend for him, but for him to come back and get the win was fantastic for the team.”

Suhle and Ojeda had a collision in Saturday’s second race, after Ojeda climbed through the back of the field after earlier retiring from the opening race of the day.

Race three was the antidote for Ojeda’s championship aspirations, taking home the race win and 25 points for his campaign.

Ojeda and Suhle are split by just one point heading into Sunday’s fifth round.

After vaulting back into the championship lead after Saturday’s second race, Shields remarkably now drops to third in the outright standings on 200 points.

However with a further maximum potential of 75 points on offer for Sunday, the four-point gap between Ojeda-Suhle-Shields is set to continue this year’s thrilling title fight.

Shields, who was the winner of Round Five’s Castrol Pole Position, will start tomorrow’s first and third races from pole.

“It’s really close now, before that race I’m pretty sure I was leading the championship and now I’ve got no idea,” Shields said.

“It’s certainly really close at this stage and tomorrow I’ll be starting off the Castrol Pole for the first and third race, which is exactly where we want to be. Hopefully we can convert them into some wins.”

Lochie Hughes extended his streak of four consecutive Burson Auto Parts Rookie of the Round honours, but Saturday was a day he’ll long remember – by both clinching his first race win and overall podium in Australian Formula 4.

“Pretty nice to grab my first podium here at Winton. First Burson Auto Parts Rookie to get one this year too,” Hughes said.

“To win the last race [race two] and to top it off with a podium, it’s been a pretty good day in the office.”

Aaron Love meanwhile ended his streak of consecutive round podiums in 2018, finishing fourth ahead of championship leader Ojeda.

Patrizicorse’s Jackson Walls was the next best rookie in sixth, leading Josh Smith, Thomas Smith, Antonio Astuti, Zayd Tones and Ardie Jonic.

For Astuti, race two saw a career best fifth place finish. Almost matching his career tally after two rounds at Symmons Plains and Phillip Island, in one day of racing at Winton.

Three more races await the Formula 4 field on Sunday, with a live and free online stream available at

Provisional Championship Standings after Round Four
1. Jayden Ojeda: 204
2. Ryan Suhle: 203
3. Cameron Shields: 200
4. Aaron Love: 170
5. Lochie Hughes: 133
6. Zayd Tones: 79
7. Jackson Walls: 78
8. Josh Smith: 50
9. Thomas Smith: 47
10. Antonio Astuti: 33
11. Ardie Jonic: 13

Provisional Round Four Standings
1. Ryan Suhle: 58 points
2. Cameron Shields: 48
3. Lochie Hughes: 47
4. Aaron Love: 38
5. Jayden Ojeda: 27
6. Jackson Walls: 22
7. Josh Smith: 18
8. Thomas Smith: 16
9. Antonio Astuti: 16
10. Zayd Tones: 7
11. Ardie Jonic: 5

Provisional Round Four: Race Three
1. Jayden Ojeda – AGI Sport
2. Ryan Suhle +8.5648
3. Aaron Love +12.5377
4. Cameron Shields +12.9681
5. Lochie Hughes +13.7644
6. Josh Smith +20.0286
7. Thomas Smith +24.0410
8. Antonio Astuti +27.5096
9. Jackson Walls +29.6127
10. Zayd Tones +42.1181
11. Ardie Jonic +53.5628

Provisional Round Four: Race Two
1. Lochie Hughes – Team BRM
2. Cameron Shields +1.0519
3. Ryan Suhle +1.6889
4. Jackson Walls +4.0228
5. Antonio Astuti +4.4706
6. Aaron Love +4.7430
7. Thomas Smith +5.7653
8. Ardie Jonic +6.1506
9. Jayden Ojeda +1 lap
DNF. Josh Smith
DNF. Zayd Tones

Provisional Round Four: Race One
1. Ryan Suhle – AGI Sport
2. Cameron Shields +7.7398
3. Aaron Love +10.8069
4. Lochie Hughes +11.5859
5. Josh Smith +18.3134
6. Jackson Walls +21.3599
7. Zayd Tones +21.6850
8. Thomas Smith +22.1782
9. Antonio Astuti +22.9195
10. Ardie Jonic +44.3205
DNF. Jayden Ojeda