Rowe’s search for a 2019 drive

2017 CAMS Australian Formula 4 Champion Nick Rowe is hoping to return to racing in 2019, after recently participating in the Aussie Driver Search program.

Held at Barbagallo Raceway in August, the day included stints in cars such as a Toyota 86, V8 Ute, and a Supercar.

“Great to be down here, it’s been a good day so far. I had a skid in all three of the cars,” Rowe said.

“It’s great to see Aussie Driver Search backing young talent, trying to get everyone through to the top. It’s a hard sport out there, but it’s great to see they’ve started a program like this and CAMS is backing it.

“Hopefully I can be that lucky guy that goes through to the final and back racing next year.”

Despite his championship success last season in Formula 4, budget constraints has delayed his graduation beyond Formula 4.

“No racing this year unfortunately, we had great help from AGI Sport last year to race Australian Formula 4 and the year before,” Rowe said.

“I did a test day at the end of last year in a Supercar for Brad Jones Racing, but couldn’t quite get the budget. We just keep chipping away and hopefully eventually get back on that grid, because it’s the most fun you’ll ever have driving a race car.

“There’s a lot of people probably not lucky enough to have what I had, so what I did have I’m really grateful for. Hopefully I can get back into it.”

The opportunity to get his eye in and keep race sharp was important for Rowe, as he aims to restart his career in 2019. Should he be successful in the next stages of the Aussie Driver Search program, Rowe will have a fully-funded drive in the Super2 Series.

“The experience today was really cool just to get back into it. I was a bit rusty there at the start in the V8 Ute, but to get back into the Supercar and have a run was pretty cool,” Rowe added.

“If I could do that again next year, I’ll be well back on track.”