Ardie Jonic’s Rookie Reflection

Ardie Jonic’s lead up into this year’s CAMS PAYCE Australian Formula 4 Championship was certainly unique compared to most of his colleagues.

With every intention to make the season opening round at Symmons Plains, Jonic’s plans were scuppered after being hit by a bike in February. With his Formula 4 ambitions parked, his immediate focus was to recover from his leg injuries.

“I broke my tibia and fibula. For about two and a half months I was out of action,” Jonic said on in June.

Jonic collected four points in his first ever circuit racing weekend at Phillip Island, a particularly daunting debut for any rookie driver.

A trio of seventh place finishes at Sydney and New Zealand were encouraging results for the AGI Sport racer, who leant on his experienced teammates Jayden Ojeda and Ryan Suhle to accelerate his learning outside of speedway racing.

“My first year has been a massive learning curve,” Jonic said.

“I think a team makes it a lot easier for me. In speedway, my grandad and I have to set everything whereas we get here and everything’s setup and I’m ready to race.

“Having Blake, my engineer, makes it so much easier. He’s always telling me how I can improve, drive better and he tunes the car up for me. I can’t complain about my first year.”

With his near-first season already under his belt, Jonic is eager to repeat and continue improving into 2019.

“Definitely I’ll be back in F4. It’s great to be here. The challenge is phenomenal. I love a challenge of course, there’s no way I can’t be here next year,” Jonic said.

“It’s taken me by surprise, but I love a challenge. With throttle application and learning how to accelerate out of corners, getting braking right and not trailing the brake. Just minor stuff that I can’t get out of my system from Speedway.

“I’m pretty confident with my driving ability at the moment and confident I can move forward from here.”