The Australian Grand Prix – One week on

It’s been just over a week since the CAMS PAYCE Australian Formula 4 Championship made history as one of the support categories at the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2019.

Now that the dust has settled, some of the 18 drivers taking part in the round revealed their thoughts about what it is like to compete at the famous Albert Park street circuit.

Aaron Zerefos

It was a fantastic weekend. I knew that racing at the Australian Grand Prix would always be exciting. But to be in a single seater like a Formula 4 car was really special and I was very grateful for the opportunity to race there through Formula 4. I was also very grateful to Patrizicorse for giving me the invitation.

It was really fun competing on the world stage and a track like that – it’s just one of the best places to compete. I had a lot of fun and I kept chipping away all weekend. It was my first time in a Formula 4 car and they are very fun to drive. They feel so good. Just getting used to brakes was a challenge but once I got my head around that, it was fun.

One week on and I still can’t stop thinking about it.

Matt Holmes

Simply, it was awesome. I absolutely loved it. Never thought I would have the chance to race at the Australian Grand Prix so it’s a once in a lifetime experience for me. A very cool thing to do. The atmosphere was great and everything was just really good.

I can’t stop smiling, especially when I see photos popping up around social media. When you’re there and amongst the action, each day flies by but now that I have finished it and had time to reflect, I can soak it up.

It’s a really cool feeling knowing I have competed there. I am going to get a few photos framed for memories. It is definitely something I won’t forget. It’s really cool. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had, apart from my wedding day.

I mean how often do you get to drive in a Grand Prix?

Luis Leeds

It was a great feeling to be back out there in the Formula 1 atmosphere and it was a great opportunity to show everyone what I could do.

This Grand Prix track is one that you look up to, especially growing up in Melbourne and to have the opportunity to be there and actually win on that track was very special.

While most may think my favourite moment was winning the round outright, I would say that it was actually putting the car on pole. The win was great but I think to have this opportunity and be solely focused on nailing that last lap in qualifying was surreal.

I am actually craving more events like that, it was a such a great opportunity and I hope can be out there on another Formula 1 track soon.

Jayden Ojeda

It was good racing alongside Formula 1, I think it was pretty unreal. It’s every kid’s dream to be racing at a Grand Prix. The atmosphere with all the fans walking past us in the paddock was awesome. Actually being able to do laps around the Albert Park park track was also cool. I wouldn’t say it was the perfect weekend due to my results but it was nice to end it with a win.

It would have been nice to be on the outright podium on the Sunday and smiling down looking at all my team’s faces but at the end of the day, we still had a really good weekend.

On the last lap of the last race, I realised my tyre was gone and if we had another lap to go, it would have been over but thankfully we didn’t have to so I ended the weekend with the race win.

Ryan Suhle

The event itself was fantastic and the fact that Formula 4 was there as a support category was really good. I think it’s important that the category is part of the Australian Grand Prix, because if you think about it, it’s a Formula category in Australia.

To be part of the Formula 1 event was awesome. For us as young drivers, it was a really cool experience, especially being on the podium and driving a pretty wicked track.

It was nice to have sparkling grape juice (on the podium) for the first time in Formula 4. It has to be continued.

Lochie Hughes

It was pretty amazing, especially since I’ve played the course on video games from such a young age. It was very surreal but the whole weekend was pretty cool.

The racing was a bit unfortunate due to a few more safety cars than I would have liked but otherwise, it was a really good track to compete on.

Albert Park is the most fun I’ve ever had on a track in the F4 car and I just really enjoyed it. Driving in front of the Formula 1 teams was definitely a very enjoyable experience – it was all pretty cool.

Favourite moment was definitely the podium. To spray the grape juice to the national anthem was all very fun.