Exciting new chapter for Formula 4

CAMS can today confirm it has formed a new partnership with the Motorsport Safety and Rescue (MSR) Group to significantly benefit the CAMS PAYCE Formula 4 Australian Championship and the Ricciardo’s Racers in 2019 and beyond.

The MSR Group, led by experienced motor sport professional Richard Emery, will now be responsible for managing the Formula 4 category at events, as well as the recruitment of teams and drivers in Formula 4.

CAMS will continue to facilitate the technical, sponsorship, spare parts, sporting resources and media support for the category.

For Ricciardo’s Racers, MSR will use its existing experience and resources to run the successful Ricciardo’s Racers program, while CAMS will continue to market and support the program.

CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca said the partnership was a logical step for Formula 4.

“Formula 4 has proven itself as a development category in its early years, with drivers such as Supercars’ co-driver Will Brown, Super2’s Thomas Randle and Carrera Cup’s Jordan Love – to name just a few,” Arocca said.

“This agreement will give MSR the opportunity to further build upon the existing foundations and take the category to another level by utilising their networks and resources.

“CAMS will still be involved in Formula 4, but this new partnership will allow Richard and his team the opportunity to find more drivers and boost the category’s impact and allow CAMS to utilise its resources in other areas of motor sport.

“With Ricciardo’s Racers, the program is extremely popular, regularly running at capacity. This partnership will allow MSR to utilise its expertise to run the program more efficiently and effectively, while CAMS continues to own the program, as well as promote events and provide support.

“This will certainly be a cost-saving for CAMS, given MSR already have the right tools in place with their other projects and programs, meaning we don’t have to seek out new contractors in every venue the program is run.”

Emery said he was also excited about working with CAMS.

“Formula 4 is an exciting category with plenty of potential, given it is a popular development category around the world,” Emery said.

“MSR is proud to be working with CAMS on ensuring Formula 4 can take another step forward and grow – we see this as an opportunity to breathe new life into the category.

“We’ll be working with people already in our networks to find new drivers who will commit to the Championship and our team will also work closely with karting organisations around the country to find the next generation of drivers.”

Emery said taking on the running of Ricciardo’s Racers, a program that gives young motor sport fans their first taste of motor sport, was also a terrific prospect.

“Ricciardo’s Racers is an amazing product and has been very well received by all participants and their parents,” Emery added.

“With our expertise, resources and experience, we believe it’s a perfect fit – we have the people and equipment required to deliver this program around Australia.”

MSR will begin working with Formula 4 drivers and teams at the Championship’s second round as part of the Shannons Nationals this weekend.


About the MSR Group:
Motorsport Safety & Rescue (MSR Group) was formed in 1997 to supply an identified demand for medical, fire and rescue services to rally events throughout Australia.

Through its history, the company has provided this dedicated service to a large range of events, including; the Australian Rally and World Rally Championship, 1998 Round Australia Rally, Western Australian-based Australia Safaris, Rally Tasmania, Rally Burnie, Rally of Melbourne, and many state and club based events.

However, as MSR’s motor sport involvement grew, Australian car companies were searching for bespoke event management, drive program planning, paramedic services, risk assessment, safety planning and logistics services for new vehicle launch events – and MSR were ideally placed.

With skills and knowledge born of our extensive motor sport experience, MSR began supply of bespoke services to a number of Australian automotive companies.

In 2013, MSR added press and market fleet management to its roster of services, with dedicated vehicle preparation facilities along the Australian East Coast.

Today MSR supply services to a range of automotive, editorial and motor sport clients encompassing launch strategy and planning, drive program planning and support, logistics, vehicle preparation, engineering and motor sport.