Taking time out from a busy schedule in the lead up to the FIA Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australian Formula One star driver Daniel Ricciardo has visited the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) display at the Grand Prix.

A CAMS Ambassador, Ricciardo gave the organisation his seal of approval for the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship starting in 2015. Ricciardo personally signed the car that features in the new open wheel development pathway that will create Australian motor sport history when it begins in Townsville in July.

Ricciardo stated he was pleased with the look of the new open wheel racing machine and what the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship brings to Australia and young aspiring drivers.

“It looks good. Things are going in the right direction with wings and slicks. It’s obviously what’s going towards what’s happening in Europe. I think for kids coming out of karts it’s a really good category,” Ricciardo said.

“It’s not too big and overwhelming. A kid can easily jump in it and have some fun straight away.”

After signing the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 racing car, Ricciardo admitted he will be watching when the new championship starts in July, albeit from afar during his travels with Formula One.

“I will. There’s a few things I am keeping up with this year but I will definitely see how this is going and try to obviously get some Aussies making their way over to Europe eventually… see how we go.”

As CAMS looks to unearth the next Ricciardo or Indycar Champion Will Power through the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship and driver development program, the Formula One star joked he’s not too keen on being replaced just yet. The ever smiling and jovial Aussie said he could do with some help if his popularity at Albert Park is anything to go by.

“It would be good definitely. Let’s just give me a few more years!”

“It would be great to have another Aussie to come out on the grid with me and maybe take a bit of a load off my shoulders like this weekend!”

“Mark Webber inspired me to make the jump to Europe and make that happen, and if I can inspire the next generation, then that’s great and I think this is a step towards that.”