CAMS caught up with Daniel Ricciardo recently at the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix where CAMS was overseeing Russian Officials in Sochi as part of its International Training Program and Ricciardo was pleased to hear of the progression made with the CAMS Formula 4 Australian Championship.

The new open wheel development pathway formula starts here in 2015 and Ricciardo is happy to hear it’s taking off in Australia.

“It’s good to have something like this at our disposal. For me, I did do a bit of Formula Ford but when I hopped in a wings a and slicks car in my first full season of Formula BMW… it’s closer to what you’re going to get.”

“If Formula 1 is what you’re aspiring to then these things help, so it’s good to know that there is good feeder formula category now coming through so it helps. It all helps.”

Designed by the FIA to globally bridge the gap between karting, Formula 3 and Formula 1, Ricciardo is a firm believer in the opportunity it brings to young and talented drivers aiming to do what the Red Bull Racing driver is now doing in Formula 1.

“You need something like that coming out of karts most definitely and with wings and slicks you’ve still got a good amount of grip because go karts have a lot of grip especially with the soft tyres, so that way the transition is not as big as you think. It’s more just how you sit and where you look out of the car.”

“It will be a good thing I’m sure.” Ricciardo said.

Daniel said he was also pleased to see people had noticed that he has a new role as CAMS Ambassador which was formally announced earlier this year. A role model for children and the face of junior development programs in Australian motor sport, Daniel hasn’t been stopped on the street, but people have taken note on social media.

“On Twitter a few people have actually. There’s a few people that have written to me.”

“If I can give or help give kids a bit of guidance, support or motivation, give them something to follow, then I know it helps.

Mark (Webber) was one of the guys for me that played that role and that helped and I guess if I am doing that for other kids then I guess I’m doing a good thing.” Ricciardo said.