Randle Takes Out Race 1

DREAM Motorsport’s Thomas Randle has taken the first race win of the weekend at Round 7 of the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship, in an incident-filled race.

The TRAVISTY driver led the charge from the get-go, getting the start on Zane Goddard into Turn 1.

“I bogged it on the start, but I managed not to get wheel spin so I was able to keep it on the inside of Zane,” Randle said.

“We just didn’t quite have the early lap pace, like not on the cold tyres. Every time, by the first lap, Goddard would be able to catch me – but then second lap I’d sort of be able to break away.”

Randle then led the way to the finish, which was ended under the Safety Car after a major crash involving Goddard, Luis Leeds and Tom Grech.

“Very anticlimactic but a win’s a win I guess,” Randle said.

Rookie racer Will Brown finished second, to close the gap on Leeds’ third place in the championship and further extend his lead from Harry Hayek in the Burson Rookie of the Year standings.

“Luckily I finished second, so that puts me further ahead in the rookie championship and brings me closer towards Luis,” Brown said.

“So hopefully we can get a couple more good races and finish off the season well.”

Famous Insurance’s Nick Rowe rounded out the podium upon his return to the series this weekend.

“We started eighth and I actually almost stalled on the start there and dropped back to tenth,” Rowe said.

“Just broke really late, went right around the outside of the first corner and popped out in sixth, which was pretty good.

“And then there was that unfortunate crash there between Zane and Tom, sort of sucks but we can’t do anything about it – that’s racing and I’ll take the spots.”

Team BRM’s Harry Hayek finished fourth, with his teammate and Australian Formula 4 Champion Jordan Lloyd finishing fifth.

Front-row starter Goddard was in second for majority of the race, until hitting the wall and his car unfortunately spearing into the path of Leeds and Grech.

Leeds and Grech were third and fourth respectively at the time of the incident, and were unlucky by-standers.

Goddard’s car sustained heavy damage from both ends, whilst Grech’s IQ Option car was severely damaged and Leeds’ Preston Hire car limping on three wheels.

Toolforce Racing’s Jimmy Vernon finished sixth, with Frankie Maiolo and Caitlin Wood rounding out the top eight.

Nick Filipetto unfortunately spun in the opening laps of the race, causing the first Safety Car.

The drivers will front-up tomorrow morning for Race 2 at 8:45 (AEDT).

For updates on the drivers heading into Sunday’s racing, head to the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship’s official Facebook page.

Race 1 – CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship Round 7

1 Thomas Randle 9 laps
2 Will Brown 9 laps
3 Nick Rowe 9 laps
4 Harry Hayek 9 laps
5 Jordan Lloyd 9 laps
6 Jimmy Vernon 9 laps
7 Frankie Maiolo 9 laps
8 Caitlin Wood 9 laps
DNF Zane Goddard 6 laps
DNF Luis Leeds 6 laps
DNF Tom Grech 6 laps
DNF Nick Filipetto