Lloyd has strong Carlin F3 Test in Valencia

CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Champion Jordan Lloyd has had the time of his life over in Spain, testing with top Formula 3 team Carlin after winning the championship prize test. 

The 20-year-old had plenty of track time on the Valencia circuit, with all of the drivers testing feeling a bit of pain and sore necks. 

The engineer at Carlin was happy with the Toowoomba driver’s progress, including the fact that he listened and tried putting into practice what he was asked to do. 

“The team were extremely professional and allowed me to grow throughout the day,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd naturally progressed throughout the day, with the Formula 3 car obviously a big learning curve, but was quicker throughout each session.

“The car felt like it was stuck to the road. I’m greatful for the opportunity to work with Carlin and to drive one of their cars,” Lloyd said.

“Also can’t thanks CAMS and Formula 4 Australia enough for making it happen.”

Australian Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo was pleased to hear of Lloyd’s progress, and provided some advice for the newly crowned champion on how to prepare for the next step as the Red Bull Racing star looked back on his younger days.

“When I went to Europe, I sort of didn’t have a championship to take with me. I was a step below where Jordan probably is now,” Ricciardo said.

“Take some of that confidence with you. Still remain grounded, humble, there’s still a lot to learn I’m sure. I’m learning all the time! I know as a younger driver there’s a lot to learn.

“Just build up to it. Find your way, find your feet, and at the end of the day it’s another race car. Although it’s in Europe or wherever, the basics and fundamentals are still the same.”

With the Australian Formula 4 cars similar to other variants overseas, Ricciardo believes it makes the next step for Australian drivers wanting to make it internationally all the more easier.

“I think that’s something that’s great now within Australian motor sport. It’s sort of why I left Australia to go to Europe, because there wasn’t really anything here at the time which I thought was representative of what I would find in Europe,” Ricciardo said.

“To have it now in Australia, if you can learn the cars and understand and even start to learn about data and how to work with engineers and then just go to Europe and maybe just learn new tracks – it’s going to make that next step, the transition, so much easier.”

The championship-winner will be coming back to Australia soon to celebrate during the off season, and is yet to announce his plans for the 2016 racing season.