Australian Formula 4 Receives FIA Grant Funding

The CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship has been selected as a recipient of a significant grant through the FIA Sport Grants Programme.

The purpose of the FIA funded grant is to support the development of motor sport across the world, with Formula 4 developed in Australia to develop young drivers and prepare those who aspire for an international career.

“As one of the world’s first FIA Formula 4 championships, we’re pleased that our efforts in promoting and growing the next generation of Australian driving talent has been recognised by the FIA,” CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Category Manager Cameron McConville said.

The funding from the FIA will go toward Australian Formula 4 and CAMS Driver Academy development programmes, which are part of a long-term strategy by CAMS to encourage high-performance at the top level of Australian motor sport.

“In our first year, we’ve seen five of our racers move overseas with some decent experience up their sleeve. We hope the Australian Formula 4 Championship will see an even greater list of graduates over the years to come,” McConville said.

“The FIA grant will also go toward driver development programmes such as the CAMS Driver Academy, bringing motor sport inline with other high-performance programmes as seen in other Australian sports.”

Australian Formula 4 international graduates currently include 2015 champion Jordan Lloyd, Thomas Randle, Zane Goddard, Harry Hayek and Red Bull Junior Team’s Luis Leeds.