#F4AU Symmons Plains: Friday Wrap

Team BRM’s Will Brown has ended Friday’s practice running at Symmons Plains as the quickest driver across both sessions.

The Toowoomba pilot was again the only driver to set a 56 second lap time in the session, just marginally ahead of Formula 4 debutant Brenton Grove.

“It’s been a pretty good first practice day,” Brown said.

“We topped both sessions so far, that’s great, but we’ve got a lot to go until the end of the weekend.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 6.17.12 PM

Grove was surprised by his performances across both sessions, and is eager to keep making gains across the race weekend.

“Track position’s crucial around here,” Grove said.

“So, go home, have a good sleep and come back tomorrow and do it all again.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 6.18.17 PM

Nick Rowe concluded both practice sessions in third position, despite a stuck throttle toward the final minutes of Practice Two interrupting any chance of improving his time.

“Yeah it’s pretty different, it’s pretty bumpy out there,” Rowe said of his impressions of the Symmons Plains circuit.

“That turn one’s pretty tricky, it gets you a few times, almost lost it. The car went well, no faults yet so hopefully it keeps going and we can keep going forward.”

With Formula 4 having never visited the Tasmanian circuit, many of the drivers were experiencing the circuit and its characteristics for the first time.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 6.20.57 PM

“The circuit’s pretty short but it’s also really bumpy,” AGI Sport’s Jack Smith said.

“A lot of tight corners, not many corners, but the corners are very technical. It’s difficult to get used to, but starting to get there now.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 6.21.49 PM

Josh Denton was the best of the karting graduates, concluding the second session in fifth.

“I’m hoping to be right up there come Sunday, or even tomorrow for qualifying,” Denton said.

“But otherwise there’s quite a few things I need to work on to get up to the pointy end so I’ll try tomorrow morning in practice.”

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15-year-old Tyler Everingham continues to improve with the new JRD squad, with the first-day nerves well out of the way.

“It’s been good. I’m starting to feel comfortable in the car,” Everingham said.

“I’ve definitely found some speed since my first test day and I plan to find some more.

“I was really nervous going into it, thinking like will I be fast enough, how will I go around other cars and stuff like that. After the first session, all that goes away.”

Practice Three for the 2016 CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship commences from 11:50am, with the U Race It Pole Position from 1:25pm and Race 1 from 3:10pm AEDST Saturday.

Practice One Results

Pos. No. Driver Team Laps Time Gap
1 99 Will Brown Team BRM 17 0:56.9920
2 23 Brenton Grove Team BRM 17 0:57.7036 0.7116
3 97 Nick Rowe AGI Sport 17 0:57.7505 0.7585
4 79 Jordan Love Team BRM 17 0:57.9955 1.0035
5 91 Josh Denton Team BRM 18 0:58.4225 1.4305
6 68 Jack Smith AGI Sport 17 0:58.7223 1.7303
7 51 Josh Conroy AGI Sport 16 0:58.8789 1.8869
8 7 Tyler Everingham JRD 16 0:59.7416 2.7496
9 44 Jordan McGregor JMS 9 1:03.0660 6.0740

Practice Two Results

Pos. No. Driver Team Laps Time Gap
1 99 Will Brown Team BRM 18 0:56.9980
2 23 Brenton Grove Team BRM 20 0:57.0858 0.0878
3 97 Nick Rowe AGI Sport 16 0:57.2661 0.2681
4 79 Jordan Love Team BRM 20 0:57.3348 0.3368
5 91 Josh Denton Team BRM 19 0:57.4815 0.4835
6 68 Jack Smith AGI Sport 20 0:57.8780 0.8800
7 7 Tyler Everingham JRD 19 0:58.4958 1.4978
8 51 Josh Conroy AGI 15 0:58.9365 1.9385
9 44 Jordan McGregor JMS 9 1:01.8185 4.8205