Nick Rowe: From Speedway To Formula 4

Across the field of drivers that have participated in the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship, Nick Rowe’s racing credentials are certainly the most unique.

Competing in his second season of Australian Formula 4 with AGI Sport, the colourful Karratha driver’s skills also extend to racing Speedway. Rowe last year infamously performed double-duties across Formula 4 and Speedway on the Saturday at Homebush and Parramatta respectively.

With a two-and-a-half-month gap before Formula 4 resumes racing again, Rowe will again keep race sharp with a handful of Speedway appearances before turning his full attention to the remainder of the Formula 4 season.


“Speedway finishes in two weeks’ time, so from then on it’s just Formula 4,” Rowe said.

“Two more Speedway races this weekend and the weekend after in Sydney actually. Do a bit of that and then I’ve got probably another eight weeks to kill. So I’ll do a bit of training, go back to work…which will be fun!”

Whilst Formula 4 and Speedway are polar opposites, Rowe enjoys the distraction both categories offer.

“Sometimes it’s alright!,” Rowe said.

“When you’re having a bit of an average weekend, at least you can get in that and sort of forget about it all, and you just put it behind you. It’s good fun, it’s all worth the journey I guess.”


Rowe also enjoyed a stint racing a MARC Mazda 3 at the Bathurst 12 Hour in February alongside Bryce Fullwood and Gerard McLeod – with McLeod most recently linking up with Formula 4 racer Jordan McGregor.

“That was pretty cool. The Friday shunt wasn’t very good but the actual race that was pretty cool,” Rowe said.

“I did a two-and-a-half-hour stint, that was pretty awesome. That’s a track and a half around there.

“We’re getting around there in 2:11, and they’re doing poles like 2:01 you just don’t even understand how they can go that fast. It’s a pretty awesome experience.”

Rowe is eager to add to his already diverse CV, with a view to perhaps compete in more endurance events this year and beyond.

“To say you’ve been in the Bathurst 12 Hour, not a lot of people can say that,” Rowe said.

“It’s something you didn’t think you’d do when you’re young but now that you’ve done it, it’s a pretty cool experience.

“You think back at it you might have crashed, you might have done something you didn’t want to, but you raced Bathurst 12 Hour. Not a lot of people have.”

IMG_3056 copy

Rowe’s ultimate ambition is to make the V8 Supercars grid in the not too distant future, with the aim of using Formula 4 as a springboard to one day make the jump. Rowe is grateful for the support he’s had along the way behind the scenes to help bring him closer to his goal.

“It’ll be cool to race V8s one day, but we’ll just see where we end up,” Rowe said.

“It’s a hard game, and hopefully we can find the funds to keep going. You never know what happens.

“If it wasn’t for Pete Smith, helping us out from SCT Logistics this year, we wouldn’t be on the grid. Can’t thank him enough and Adam [Gotch] from AGI Sport.”


With his ambitions firmly in focus, Rowe’s conscious of the need to make impressive results on-track to be on the radar of his potential future employers.

“You hope they’re looking at you,” Rowe said.

“I know the guys at BJR alright, and I know a few other teams alright.

“You never know what they’re looking at, so you just try and behave alright and just hopefully one day they walk up to you and say ‘Righto mate, let’s have a go’.”

Rowe currently sits third in the drivers’ championship with 74 points after the conclusion of Round Two at Phillip Island.

The CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship will next visit the Shannons Nationals at Sydney Motorsport Park on July 1–3.