Getting Up To Speed With Formula 4’s Youngest Driver

15-year-old Tyler Everingham is the youngest driver to have ever joined the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 grid, with the junior karting graduate eyeing 2016 as an important year in his motor racing career.

The NSW driver, born in 2001, has stepped up from racing karts across multiple junior classes and naturally walked into his Formula 4 adventure with excited trepidation.

“I sort of expected to get into the series a bit later on, but the sooner I could get into it the better,” Everingham said.

“The nerves are definitely still there, but we’ll see how that goes!

“I’m starting to get faster, but I still need to find a lot more. It’s just mainly trusting the car and it’s just seat time, that’s all it is.”


The step from Junior National and Clubman karts to a turbo-charged 160 horsepower Formula 4 can appear to be quite the jump, but Everingham is starting to be more at home with the surrounds of a race car.

“It’s definitely different to go karts, but at the end of the day it’s pretty much just a bigger go kart with wings,” Everingham said.

“I’m getting comfortable with it, but it was definitely a big step up from go karts. I’m getting there. It’s mainly seat time.”

After two rounds of Australian Formula 4, Everingham has enjoyed the atmosphere of his JRD team and the Formula 4 paddock.

“I’ll carry these circuits through my whole racing career,” Everingham said.

“It’s been great. I’ve been definitely given a lot of room and respect out on the track, and I like that!”

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As much as Everingham is new to circuit racing, his Junior Racing Development team are just as new to Australian Formula 4 – having spent several years preparing Formula Vee machinery.

“Yeah it’s been great. We’ve still got a little bit to learn about the car and what to do as far as setup goes. We’re learning, it’s better,” Everingham said.

“Being a mechanical car, there can be problems but that’s motor sport and you’ve got to learn how to deal with that. The faster that you get over that stuff, the better you’ll be off.”

With a bit of a break before the next round at Sydney Motorsport Park in July, Everingham has been looking at getting behind the wheel of a simulator and even a JRD prepared Formula Vee.

“It’s mainly a lot of simulator work and looking at track maps and studying it,” Everingham said.


Everingham is eager to progress from his last two appearances at Symmons Plains and Phillip Island, and to make more movements up the grid come the next round at Sydney Motorsport Park.

“I’ve made a big step up from the first round, but I think I’ll do even better at Sydney,” Everingham said.

“It’s a pretty flowing track and you definitely need some guts to drive it flat out!”

Round Three of the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship returns to Sydney Motorsport Park on July 1–3.