Tour The Australian Formula 4 Car

Karl Reindler, CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Driving Standards Observer, gives an in-depth tour of the Ford powered Mygale as seen in the Australian Formula 4 Championship in 2016.

With credentials in A1GP, Australian and British Formula 3, Reindler has been instrumental in providing one-on-one coaching to all of our drivers and assisting in the development of the Australian Formula 4 car.

“The car itself in 2016 is a Mygale chassis, exactly the same as last year,” Reindler said.

“It’s got a lot of mechanical grip produced by the Hankook tyre, again the same as last year.

“It looks very similar to a Formula 1 car. It’s got the front wing, the rear wing at the back there. There’s minimal adjustment on the front and rear wings to try and keep it simple for these young drivers as they’re learning about the engineering of the car.

“They do produce a lot of downforce. At a circuit like Phillip Island, for example, the cornering speeds are in actual fact faster than a V8 Supercar.

“The braking ability of the car, to put it in perspective, one of these cars at a circuit like Symmons Plains…they’ll be braking at roughly the 50 metre mark from about 220km/h. So incredible braking ability, that comes both from the Hankook tyre as well as the downforce it produces.

“Powering this Formula 4 car is a Ford EcoBoost 1.6 litre, turbo-charged engine, roughly 160 horsepower. This is the same regulation globally. So every single Formula 4 car in the world has to meet this limitation on horsepower. It can’t be too powerful because we do have 15 and 16-year-old drivers in these cars.

“The safety of these cars is, arguably, the best in the world. They meet the new FIA regulations. It’s a carbon monocoque chassis. There’s an extractable seat in the event of an emergency situation. The steering wheel itself, it’s paddle shift very similar to Formula 1. The right paddle to go up the gears, the left paddle to go down the gears. There’s a couple of other buttons on the steering wheel to assist the drivers with data. There’s a bit of information that comes up on the display there. It’s very easy for these drivers to extract the absolute most out of these vehicles.

“I’ve been lucky enough to drive one of these Formula 4 cars, and they’re an incredible vehicle to drive. They’re a great car to hone the skills as these young guys get up and going and gain momentum in their careers.”