Simon Fallon On The Jump From Karts To F4

New DREAM Motorsport recruit Simon Fallon will be aiming to repeat his impressive debut Phillip Island performance, as the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship’s visits Sydney Motorsport Park in July.

Having only sampled the DREAM Motorsport Formula 4 days prior to his race debut, Fallon enjoyed a best result of fourth place in the opening race at Phillip Island and fifth overall for the round.

“It was fun! I enjoyed it, just kept learning each race and that’s what I plan to do this weekend [at Sydney Motorsport Park] – just keep listening away, follow the advice and do my best,” Fallon said.


Fallon’s race at Phillip Island was also his first motor race, with the CoolDrive supported driver making the step up from Junior Clubman in the Victorian Kart Championship.

“It’s pretty much a big go kart with gears,” Fallon said.

“They’ve both got a lot of grip. I reckon the new tyre we’ve got in karting, the Dunlop KA3 tyre, that’s pretty comparable to this grip wise for power-to-grip ratio. That wasn’t too big of a jump.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 3.13.04 PM

DREAM Motorsport’s in-house simulator was a useful learning tool for Fallon to acclimatise himself with the Phillip Island and now Sydney Motorsport Park circuit layouts.

“I think it’s helped heaps,” Fallon said.

“I reckon if I hadn’t jumped into the simulator for Phillip Island or this track [Sydney Motorsport Park], I’d just go out and not have a clue what I’m doing!

“It just teaches you all the general things that you need to know, so when you do jump into the car you adjust to suit the race car versus the simulator.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 3.17.10 PM

Another adjustment for Fallon is the amount of data available aboard a Formula 4 car versus a kart, and the DREAM engineers being able to coach Fallon’s driving style.

“In karts I can lie about my little mistakes, in this they’ve got all the data!” Fallon said.

“It teaches you to push more toward your limit of the car. Especially in these, they’ve got so much grip you feel the limit very easily and you’ve got to really work.

“We’ve got to learn where to push the limit of the front brakes, and if you push in harder you can generate more front grip in the front so you can turn in better.

“All of those little things, you could go even further than your current limit. Your current limit could be there, but there could be a higher limit you can take to. That’s another big difference from karts into this.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 3.17.25 PM

With Fallon now confirmed for the rest of the season, the young Victorian remains grounded despite his debut race success.

“I don’t really have any expectations! Just keep improving and following the words of them, I don’t want to get my hopes up out there and go saying I’m going to do this and this, and then either be disappointed or be super happy.

“I’d rather just be one mind about it all, do what I can do and see what happens on the day.”


Round Three of the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship returns to Sydney Motorsport Park on July 1–3 as part of the Shannons Nationals.