Up And Down With Brenton Grove

With much of the 2016 CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship grid comprised of some of Australia’s best former karters, Team BRM’s Brenton Grove is the exception to the rule.

Prior to Grove’s arrival in the championship, Grove’s racing background comprised of exclusively racing Porsche machinery. Adapting to an open-wheel race car, less power but more grip and downforce has been a great learning experience for the young Victorian.

“It’s definitely been a learning year to be honest,” Grove said.

“I’ve had the ups, I’ve had the downs. It’s been more downs than ups to be honest! It’s all part of it. It’s a learning year and for me, I take it as it comes and enjoy every moment.”

Despite not racing against his colleagues previously in karts, Grove has enjoyed getting to know his fellow Formula 4 racers throughout the year on and off the track.

“It helps that we’re all pretty similar in age. I’m one of the older ones, same as Nick [Rowe],” Grove said.

“There’s definitely a good environment off the track as well on the track, we race hard, we hang out and talk some crap as well.”


Grove had a breakthrough start to his Australian Formula 4 career by winning this year’s opening race at Symmons Plains, but similar results have not come to fruition since then.

“I’ve had a bit of a drought since then! It hasn’t been quite what I wanted,” Grove said.

“Some have been my fault, some have been out of my control, it’s not stuff that I can really handle.

“At the moment I’m just doing my best and taking it as it comes, and hopefully we’re still learning and through all this we’re gaining experience that we can use later on in the year.”


Outside of racing, Grove is also a supporter and Advocate of White Ribbon and is keen to spread the message of the organisation in preventing violence against women in the community.

“White Ribbon for me is something that I’m really passionate about. The work they do is second to none,” Grove said.

“I have them on my helmet for the next round. Whatever I can do to try and raise awareness in a male dominated community, I’m more than happy to.

“We need to try and change the connotations and the views towards it, and hopefully having it at a Supercars round the media reach we get is a first step in getting that.”


With only two rounds remaining for 2016, Grove is excited by the prospect of visiting circuits that he has previous knowledge of – in particular the penultimate round at Sandown.

“It has! It’ll be sad to get to the last couple of rounds but for me it’s definitely something I’m excited for because Sandown I know, it’s my home track,” Grove said.

“Gold Coast I’ve been there a few times with Carrera Cup and everything else, so for sure it’s definitely getting into the part of year I’m most excited for and I’ll see how I go.”

Round Five of the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship next visits Sandown Raceway in Victoria, supporting the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship’s Sandown 500 on September 16–18.